Fantasy HD Lily Carter in Private Secretary

A common fantasy that most of us share is the naughty secretary who wants to fuck more than she wants to work. It’s just a shame that most of us haven’t made it into management or had the luck of hiring a babe like Lily Carter. Luckily, Lily is going to play out this sexy fantasy for all of us right now!


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Wearing a short, red skirt and a button down shirt that’s unbuttoned far more than it should be, is the ravishing Lily Carter. She is a daring secretary that will do anything to please her boss. Including hiking up her skirt, sitting on the copier, and making a few prints of her panty covered ass.

Handing her boss the paperwork of the day along with her R rated photocopies, Lily Carter is ready for another closed door session. The incredible brunette smiles wickedly at her boss. He doesn’t waste time and grabs her, spreads her legs, and brutalizes her pussy with his cock right on the boss’s desk!

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