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Fantasy Hd Kendall Karson in Basketball Star

Kendall Karson is outdoors playing basketball in a pair of very tiny shorts and a jersey with no bra on underneath. Her big tits with small nipples bounce every time she takes a shot. Kendall’s nipples are standing erect due to the cool air and the soft material of the jersey scraping against them.


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Her boyfriend comes out to watch Kendall Karson shooting hoops. He watches her make a long basket and then wraps his arms around her, congratulating Kendall on the great shot! They share a sloppy kiss and forget all about the basketball. Kendall uses the court to put on a strip show for her man instead of basketball lesson.

He watches Kendall Karson get completely naked and kneel before him, taking his entire cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. After she blows him, Kendall lies down on the basketball court, spreads her legs, and lets her boyfriend fuck her right there! They fuck on the foul line until they both cum!

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