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Fantasy HD Jenna Ross in Little Miss Flexible

Jenna Ross goes from completely naked and displaying her cute young ass and perky tits that jiggle with every move, to a skin-tight yoga outfit. She begins to bend, pose, and stretch her body in ways anyone watching would find incredibly erotic. Her flexibility is not only impressive, but makes one wonder how hot it could be during sex!


In fact, that’s exactly what her boyfriend was thinking as he watched from behind her. He snuck up, took his cock out, and when Jenna Ross stretched her neck and tilted her head back, she immediately took his cock into her mouth. Still in her yoga pose, Jenna was giving her boyfriend an amazing blowjob!

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After he was rock hard, he started to strip the tight yoga outfit off of Jenna Ross’s body. Her perfectly round boobs and flawless young body were again exposed. He fondled her pussy and began rubbing it as fast as his fingers could move. She was wet, moaning, and ready to be fucked! Her boyfriend bent her over on the floor, stuck his cock in her pussy, and gave her a hardcore doggy style fuck!

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