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Fantasy Hd Sara Luv in Underwater Sex

Sara Luv was sitting poolside in her revealing swimsuit that barely covered her young tits and hugged her tight young ass. She was hoping it would grab the attention of her boyfriend, but all he wanted to do was jump off the waterfall and play around.


That’s when Sara Luv decided to do something she knew would draw the eyes of her man. She stood up, untied the top to her bathing suit, and left it fall to the concrete. She was fully nude and letting the sun hit her body. Her boyfriend immediately swam to where she was.

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Sara just laughed, got in the water, and started to give him a blowjob until he was fully erect. He was so grateful that he dove under the water and started to eat her pussy. After Sara Luv was completely turned on, he fucked her in the shallow water. It was an underwater fuck, an underwater orgasm, and a hot underwater cum!

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