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Fantasy Hd Anikka Albrite & Tiffany Fox in Sweet Dreams Threesome

One lucky man gets to lie in between two of the sexiest blondes in the world, Anikka Albrite and Tiffany Fox. As all 3 sleep in the same bed, they gently fondle and grind against each other. With each touch, the grinding and fondling becomes rougher. As it becomes rougher, all 3 start to wake from their slumber feeling horny and ready for action. The two blondes, in just panties and short tops, and the man in just his briefs, start their foreplay.


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Anikka Albrite is the first blonde babe to wake fully and begin giving her boy toy a handjob. As soon as his cock’s hard enough to stick in her wet pussy, she kneels on the bed and leans forward landing on her elbows in a doggy style position. She looks back and begs for his cock! He’s doesn’t deny her, not even for a second, and thrusts his dick deep inside. As he begins to pound the young beauty’s pussy, the violent motion transfers onto the mattress and wakes up Tiffany Fox.

Tiffany sees the wild sex happening right next to her and also begs her boy toy to be fucked. All 3 are unselfish lovers and want nothing more than to equally please. Tiffany gets what she begged for as his cock enters her tight pussy. Fingering, pussy eating, and passionate sex are exchanged freely in the threesome. All three fuck until each has an orgasm that rapidly shoots through their bodies. What a way to wake up!

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