Fantasy HD Holly Michaels & Natalia Starr in Full Service

Holly Michaels and Natalia Starr both carry buckets filled with water as they walk down the driveway. The babes each wear tiny, revealing bikinis. Watching their asses jiggle and bounce is hypnotizing. Waiting near the garage is the car the two girls are going to wash.


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As they soap up the car with wet sponges, their suits become drenched and their bikini tops pull to the sides. Both girls expose their large, natural breasts to the sun and the water. There are as many suds on the car as there are on the tight bodies of the young girls.

After they begin to rinse the car, a hot guy rolls down the window. The boyfriend the girls share was in the car the entire time. He quickly pulls the strings to each babe’s bikini and gets them completely naked and wet. Natalia Starr and Holly Michaels are about to get fucked on a really clean car!

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