Fantasy HD Alice March in Natural Beauty

Alice March is out for a hike on an absolutely gorgeous spring day. She only wears a tiny pair of spandex shorts that barely cover her ass cheeks. As she ventures off the trail, Alice becomes lost and worried. Luckily, a stranger finds the beautiful babe and offers to help her set up camp and guide her back home.


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After working hard to set up a shelter and get a fire going, both Alice and her new guide are ready to get more comfortable. The man approaches Alice and rubs his body against hers while next to the fire. Incredibly turned on by the rugged good looks of her new guide, Alice responds to his advances by dropping to her knees and sucking his dick.

After having his cock sucked thoroughly, the guide bends Alice over near the fire and fucks her doggy style. The two continue to fuck throughout the night and even the following day. They pause often along the trail to fuck each other in the tall grass, behind trees, and even on a rope bridge!

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