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Fantasy Hd Tasha Reign’s Shower Orgy

Horny blonde babe Tasha Reign walks naked into the bathroom. Her pert tits and tight pussy look stunning as she swaggers over to the bath. The large round bath is almost full and has red rose petals floating on the top. She climbs in ad begins to anoint her beautiful body with the warm water and petals.

She is joined in the bathroom by a hunky gut wearing black trunks.  She makes a grab for his groin and pulls out his cock, rubbing it and sucking it until it gets hard.  She encourages him into the bath and they kiss and caress tenderly.  Suddenly two men me arrive, both fully clothed.  Tasha stands and pulls. them towards her and kisses them passionately as the guy still in the bath licks her sexy ass.  She bends over and helps the guys to release their hard cocks from their trouser, still being licked from behind.  She sucks each cock in turn.

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The trio of men accompany Tasha to the shower room where they are joined by two more guys.  Tasha sinks to her knees and sucks the guys in turn, her moans increasing as each dick hits her throat.   This continues so each guy gets his turn, whilst sucking Tasha wanks off two other cocks.  The guys now see that it is time to give the sexy babes tight bald pussy some attention.

One guy lays on the cold tiles and takes Tasha astride him.  She slides her wet hole over his erect manhood and gasps as she feels his full length deep inside her. They fuck harder as Tasha continues with her sucking and wanking duties whilst her hole is pounded.  This sets the tone for the rest of the day, as each of the five guys takes a turn underneath Tasha’s hot thighs, pumping their meat as hard as they can into her aching stretched cunt.


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Fantasy HD Holly Michaels & Natalia Starr in Full Service

Holly Michaels and Natalia Starr both carry buckets filled with water as they walk down the driveway. The babes each wear tiny, revealing bikinis. Watching their asses jiggle and bounce is hypnotizing. Waiting near the garage is the car the two girls are going to wash.

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As they soap up the car with wet sponges, their suits become drenched and their bikini tops pull to the sides. Both girls expose their large, natural breasts to the sun and the water. There are as many suds on the car as there are on the tight bodies of the young girls.

After they begin to rinse the car, a hot guy rolls down the window. The boyfriend the girls share was in the car the entire time. He quickly pulls the strings to each babe’s bikini and gets them completely naked and wet. Natalia Starr and Holly Michaels are about to get fucked on a really clean car!

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