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Fantasy Hd Presley Dawson in Laundromat Seduction

Presley Dawson was constantly flirting with her neighbor. He’s a hot young boy with a hard body. The young brunette girl thinks he would be a hot fuck! She’ll get him, one of these days, she thought to herself. Who wouldn’t want Presley, after all? She’s a petite babe with a perfect body, gorgeous face, and perky tits that are all-natural!

Presley Dawson knew that her neighbor did his laundry on Thursdays at this exact time. Even though she didn’t have dirty clothes, she threw cleans ones into her laundry basket just so she could have an excuse to meet him down there.

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She entered the laundry room and saw her handsome crush. Presley Dawson was going to make a “now or never” move! She stripped off the clothes that she was wearing and stood nude in front of the wash machine. He immediately saw what she did, noticed her wicked grin, and walked right up to her. They exchanged a passionate kiss as he placed her on top of the washer. He quickly stripped, as well, and fucked Presley right there in the public laundry room until they both had a hot cum!

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Fantasy Hd Kendall Karson in Basketball Star

Kendall Karson is outdoors playing basketball in a pair of very tiny shorts and a jersey with no bra on underneath. Her big tits with small nipples bounce every time she takes a shot. Kendall’s nipples are standing erect due to the cool air and the soft material of the jersey scraping against them.

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Her boyfriend comes out to watch Kendall Karson shooting hoops. He watches her make a long basket and then wraps his arms around her, congratulating Kendall on the great shot! They share a sloppy kiss and forget all about the basketball. Kendall uses the court to put on a strip show for her man instead of basketball lesson.


He watches Kendall Karson get completely naked and kneel before him, taking his entire cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. After she blows him, Kendall lies down on the basketball court, spreads her legs, and lets her boyfriend fuck her right there! They fuck on the foul line until they both cum!

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Fantasy HD Natalie Heart & Heather Night in Bad Schoolgirls

Sexy babes Natalie and Heather are at home. They are both dressed in loose white tops, cute panties and thigh high socks. They both light a cigarette and begin to smoke it. They are joined by an older man who is angry with them smoking. He tells them off and make the girls lay across his lap. He pulls one of the girls panties down, exposing her stunning peachy young ass and gives it a slap. The other girl gets the same treatment and he alternates the slaps with a feel, pulling their sexy ass cheeks apart in turn and eventually gaping their ass holes.

The girls are sorry so they take it in turns to suck his now erect cock whilst the other girl sucks his balls. The girls then both get on all fours.  The guy fucks the back girls tight pussy as she licks and sucks on her friends cunt in front of her.  The girls turn over and now the guy fucks one on her back whilst the other girl sits on his face.

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Next the guy lays on his back and whilst one girl rides on his hard cock, the other girl is poised above his face, being licked to ecstasy.  They continue to fuck, changing position as their tight pussies are spread by the older  cock.   Eventually, with one girl laying on her back and the guy thrusting deep inside her whilst her friend plays with her tits, he lets his load go.

Holding his position, his cock twitches as it delivers its load.  Both girls look on in wonder as he slowly pulls his cock out.  The girls cunt leaks a small amount of cum out, then she pushes and the thick white goo cascades from her hole.  The guy and the other girl spread her pussy lips wide to show us the creamy mess inside.

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Fantasy HD Natalie Heart & Chloe Foster in BFF Babysitters

The teen babes Natalie Heart and Chloe Foster are both babysitting for a man while he leaves for the day. The brunette and blonde babes don’t do as much babysitting as they do making out, fondling each other, and licking pussy!

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They even go to the bedroom and test out the mattress by going down on each other, bouncing, and grinding their pussies against each other. Just as they are both about to orgasm, the man comes home early and enters the bedroom. He sees them both naked and fucking!


He was about to get upset when the girls offered to let him join in on the action. Unable to resist the gorgeous girls and their amazing bodies, he stripped off his clothes and hopped into bed with the babes. All 3 fucked until powerful orgasms rocked each of their bodies!

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