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Fantasy Hd Zoey Paige in Foot Fetish

Zoey Paige is a sexy young blonde with a foot fetish. She especially enjoys placing her feet into her tub and letting the water fall onto her toes and sides of her soles. Zoey even adds in a special soap that makes silky bubbles she crushes with her feet and lets slide in between her toes. It’s a special sexual thrill that she doesn’t quite understand, but loves to play with.


After she’s finished playing in the bath, Zoey Paige dries her feet and meets her boyfriend in the next room. He knows how much Zoey loves to have her feet massaged, licked, and satisfied. He also knows that if he plays with her toes, her pussy gets wet, and she’ll definitely be in the mood for a hardcore fuck!

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He massages oil into her toes, and the gently sucks and tongue fucks them. He slides his tongue in between her toes as Zoey Paige moans loudly and rubs her own pussy! She feels so hot from the tongue fuck her toes received that she bends over and begs her boyfriend for a doggy style pussy pounding. He’s happy to shove his dick into her tight pussy and fuck her until he cums all over the back of her ass!

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