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Fantasy Hd Cameron Dee in The Hitchhiker

Cameron Dee is walking down the road with a suitcase in her hand. She plans on doing some hitchhiking and has dressed in a way that is sure to get her a ride. She’s wearing a leather vest that’s unbuttoned and showing much of her big tits, and she’s wearing a pair of cut-off denim shorts so tiny they show almost all of her bare ass.


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As expected, Cameron Dee is picked up very quickly. She thanks the young man who offered her a ride by leaning over into his lap, taking his cock out of his jeans, and giving him a blowjob as they drive on. But, he’s not satisfied with just having his cock sucked!

He pulls over and bends Cameron Dee over the hood of his car. She quickly unbuttons her shorts and lets them fall to her ankles. She wants his cock inside her pussy just as bad as he does. He thrusts his dick deep inside her wet pussy and gives her a hard fuck! She moans and screams with pleasure as she’s penetrated over and over until she explodes with an orgasm. Then, she falls to her knees and lets the stranger cum all over her face!

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